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HRIA/P Instructional Guidebook

Template for Assessment Report

This Human Rights Impact Assessment for pesticide issues (HRIA/P) Toolkit, consisting of the instructional Guidebook and the Assessment Report Template, has been developed for use by environmental and/or human rights practitioners and by communities impacted by pesticides. Its purpose is to engage the affected community in assessing the impacts of pesticide exposure on the human rights of individuals and communities. The HRIA/P also addresses the need for companies and regulators to uphold responsible business practices when using or regulating pesticides, and to insure that the health and well-being of individuals, communities and the natural environment are fully protected.

This HRIA/P Toolkit was developed by Emily Harden, in cooperation with EHRA and in support of initiatives at PANNA (Pesticide Action Network, North America). Ms Harden earned her Master of Arts in Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco, and has served as an intern at PANNA.