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EHRA presentation in Venice

Jan 21, 2014

EHRA made a short presentation at the Human Rights and Environment Training Seminar sponsored by the European Inter-University Centre on Human Rights and Democratisation in Venice in late November. The presentation focused  on EHRA’s approach to developing Human Rights Impact Assessments.


The seminar’s three days of presentations, workshops and informal conversations were highly informative, definitely multidisciplinary and inspiring. Thirty participants (22 female, 8 male) attended from 25 different countries on five continents, most in their late 20s and 30s, a few older, some graduate students, some government and UN employees, and some directors of NGOs.

Seminar Faculty presentations included:

Karen Morrow, Co-director of the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law, Chair in Environmental Law at the Swansea University and founding co-editor in chief of the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

  • “Human Rights and the Environment Anthropocentric or Ecocentric?”

Tundi Agardy, internationally renowned marine conservationist with field and policy experience in African, Asian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, North American regions.

  • “Ecosystem Services and the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment — “Ecosystem Services:  Why Humans Cannot Live Without Nature.” and
  • “The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Evaluating the Human Right to Benefit from Healthy Ecosystems.”

Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, researcher and founder and president of the Tethys Research Institute in Milan.

  • “Conserving the environment: why it relates to human wellbeing.”

Gordon Walker, Professor at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University and author of Environmental Justice: concepts, evidence and politics.

  • “Environmental Justice and Human Rights.”

Colm Campbell, Professor of Law at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

  • “The Law of Armed Conflict and the Environment.”
  • “Transitional Justice, Indigenous Peoples, and the Environment.”